Machu Picchu, you can feel closer to the sky


Lake Titicaca, mystic, navigable, and highest

Arequipa, its impressive Colca’s Canyon.

Lima, City of Kings

Welcome to South Perú Travel 

Our great commitment with Perú is to focus our projects and tourism to be sustainable establishing responsible practices that it would make an environmental impact on tourism working hand by hand with the local, regional and national communities.

South Peru Travel has its social responsibility as well as security, satisfaction, stability, and protection, giving a personalized service to our clients making your experience ours.


From your arrival to the capital of “Lima” of the shores of the Pacific Ocean.  There is a link between the countries’ past that achieves a perfect connection with tradition and modern architectural sights. 


Ciudad Blanca (white city) for its sculpture architectural on “Sillar” (volcanic stone), with its landscape beauty “El Misti” (majestic volcano) and its impressive Colca’s Canyon.


Its history, architecture, energy “Cusco” as the city of the Incas and the great Machu Picchu so you can feel closer to the sky.


Their surprising islands, mystic, navigable, and highest lake in the world Lake Titicaca “Puno” will make you live an unforgettable experience.